Invoice Discounting and Factoring

Invoice discounting can be used to create a steady cash flow for a company. It uses unpaid debt owed to a business as collateral for cash flow in a revolving manner. Generally, a business can borrow 70-90% of unpaid invoices. The company would simply turn the invoices over to their discounter, and the percentage agreed upon would be deposited into your account. When the invoice is paid by the customer, the money borrowed is repaid and the discounter collects their rate and fee. What’s left over is returned to the company. Even better, customers never need to know about it. It’s confidential and allows your business to maintain control over its invoices and credit control systems. Rates are usually reasonable, ranging from three to seven percent.

Invoice factoring is essentially the same idea, except the financier manages your sales ledger and collects debt on your behalf in addition to allowing your business to draw against that debt the way invoice discounting does. Typically a larger business or a B2B would be a better fit for factoring, and invoice discounting fits smaller business’s needs. Some financiers will only buy commercial invoices, so be sure to ask what types of invoices the financier(s) you speak with are willing to purchase.

Criteria that factors and discounters consider are:

  • Capacity of invoices to be factored
  • Average size of invoices
  • Your normal payment cycle
  • Amount and types of customers
  • Credit risk of customers

When it comes to factoring remember:

Personal communication with customers is important, even during the process of collecting on an invoice. Any time you can connect with a customer is highly valuable. That is why it is essential to consider how your customers would react to a change in a system that is already established. It is critical to pay attention to how your financier treats other people around them. You want a company that prides themselves on customer service-how they treat your customers when you’re not around can undo a lot of hard work. Taking your time to find the right company with the right ethics in this matter is one of the most important things you can do when considering factoring.

Recourse and Non-Recourse Factoring

Recourse and non-recourse factoring refer to two ways to deal with an invoice that goes unpaid during factoring. Recourse means the company is going to assume responsibility for all unpaid debts, not the financier. Non-Recourse Factoring means that the financier legally takes ownership of all unpaid debt. This leaves a business with one less thing on their mind, but it also means you’ll pay higher rates and fees, as the financier is assuming higher risk. The financier will also set strict credit limits due to this version of recourse.

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Loan Requirements for Small Businesses

Many businesses need a loan for start-up costs and to continue in their operations once they begin. Many banks and financial institutions want to provide an enterprise with the funds that they will need to be successful. After all, if a business is successful, then a lender will make a profit. Even though lenders like to provide loans, they are not going to give funding to any organization just because they ask. All businesses must meet specific requirements if they want to get a loan. The following information will detail some common loan requirements which are usually requested by all lenders.

Good Business and Personal Credit

Lending companies typically will not make loans to organizations or people with a bad credit history. A person’s credit history is usually a good indication of their ability to repay a loan. If a business has a history of late or missing payments, this too will affect their ability to receive funding. Any entrepreneur that is about to start their business should make sure that their personal credit is in order. If not, they too will not receive the funding they need from a potential lender. All businesses should make sure that their credit rating is in good shape before asking for a loan.

Business Plan

A business owner must have a solid business plan to present to a potential lender. Most lenders require business plans so that they can quickly evaluate a business’s ability to pay back loan. They also want to make sure that they are investing in a credible and low risk enterprise. There are some businesses that many lenders avoid. Enterprises such as insurance companies, gaming businesses, and illicit (sexual) enterprises typically fall into this category.

A business plan will quickly reveal if a business is feasible and if it is profitable. Lenders understand and know that all business loans come with a certain amount of risk. Owners should make sure that their business is an approved type to get a loan. Their business plan should outline realistic data about financial information.

Assets and Loans

Many lenders (but not all) require a business to have personal assets which will be used to secure a loan. A business wants to make sure that if an enterprise defaults on a loan, they can recoup their losses. Acceptable collateral includes office equipment, machinery, and even intellectual property, if it’s applicable. The bottom line is that a borrower must make sure they have the approved collateral that a lender needs to get a loan.

Other Types of Loan Requirements

Borrowers could be required to have an annual cash flow projection, marketing information, a personal resume, and/or industry experience. A lender might require more information and some might require less. This is why a borrower should check with a lending institution to figure out a business’s loan requirement. This information will be able to save borrowers and lenders a lot of time, and hassle with approving or disapproving a loan.

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Make Your Business Soar with Stellar Credit

Just as individuals have credit scores that help inform potential lenders of the potential risk associated with extending credit to them, businesses have their own unique credit score and profile. Businesses that take the time to concentrate on establishing themselves as a separate entity often realize many more opportunities in the business world than those that do not maintain this focus. Maintaining good business credit correlates with several other business advantages.

Larger Business Loans

Businesses that have a strong credit history are often able to obtain larger business loans easier from financial institutions and private lenders. People with shaky histories can still obtain a business loan with bad credit, the amount will likely be smaller. Much like people with poor credit, people without collateral can still get an unsecured business loan, but again the amount will be less. With a proven track record of paying on debts and other responsible fiscal behavior as well as having good collateral, businesses can secure larger loans. These loans can help them cover periods of low cash flow, provide opportunities to expand their business, provide opportunities to launch a new product or service, or provide a reserve in case of a rainy day. Check out the Halo Capital Blog for more tips about getting funded and improving your credit.

Improved Terms and Conditions

Not only will loans be bigger, but businesses may also see improved terms and conditions of the loans. There may not be a requirement of a personal guarantee. Interest rates may be lower. The time to repay may be longer. All of these are possibilities with a strong financial record.

Investment Opportunities

Businesses may wish to expand their business through other mediums than loans. For example, they may want to pitch their ideas to venture capitalists and private investors. Having a strong credit profile is one way of demonstrating financial health to outside parties.

Separation of Business and Personal Profiles

Establishing good credit in the separate name of the business can help business owners establish an identity distinct to this other entity that is truly separate from their own identity. This helps in case the business itself gets in too deep. The business owner can separate business losses from personal losses as long as steps were taken to create the business entity outside of a sole proprietorship or partnership scheme. This way, the business owner can regroup and launch another business when the time is right.

It is also necessary to establish a separate credit identity from the business owner in case claims arise against the business owner. To avoid an order to pierce the corporate veil of a company, the business must be able to show that it was a separate entity. This may be possible by having separate bank accounts, credit cards, addresses, officers, and documented transactions that demonstrate this separation.

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Making Money in Affiliate Marketing

If you have a hard time getting a business loan, then you can look for an alternative type of business. Thanks to the Internet, you can start an Internet business. There are plenty of advantages to running an online business. As a matter of fact, many people are opting to have an online only business. Many established businesses have an online presence. Many online businesses make as much money as an offline business does. The advantages seem to outweigh the disadvantages. The advantages of running an online business also seem to outweigh the advantages running a business on location.

For one thing, running a business website is typically a lot cheaper than running a business from a location. Often times when you run a business from a location other than home, you need to rent a facility. This often costs more than $1000 a month. A web host costs a lot less than that. An online business will save you plenty of money. The marketing of your business could also cost less due to it being online.

Another advantage is that it costs less to display products. Many online businesses are run with the use of affiliate programs. You just have to list the products on your site and when someone buys it,you will earn a commission from the sale. One thing that business is all about is a return on your investment. Running a business, you want to make more money than you spend. If you can make as much online business as someone at a location, then you would be doing very well.

One major advantage is the type of work that goes into running an online business. While it could take a lot of time and energy to unload trucks and place items on display at a brick and mortar location, it takes a lot less time and energy to do that online. All that is needed to display the products you are selling is to understand HTML. All you do is copy HTML code and list the product on your site. Also, the marketing is a bit easier if you know what you are doing. You just have to go online and list your site promoting it on various websites.

The biggest advantage comes in who you can reach. Many businesses that are location-based are limited in who they can reach. Online businesses have a greater range of customers. This is due to the convenience of Internet. People will buy the products you sell from all over the globe.

These are some of many other advantages that can come with running an online business. However, the principles still remain the same. Honesty is the best policy. Do not try so hard to sell the products you promote that you end up giving the wrong impression. If a customer returns something that you sold, you are going to lose the commission.

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How to Manage Your Team with Good Leadership

Most business owners today are ‘too busy’ to provide good leadership skills because many things need their attention. Things like sales, marketing, accounting, and inventory. Business owners have to ensure that all processes are functioning effectively. Most businesses reflect where the owner is, at that moment. If a leader is under stress, then the business will be seen as poorly organized. Hence, it is vital to focus on the development of leadership skills for proper growth of any business.

Learn Essential Skills

Leaders of any businesses must concentrate on the required skills. If business owners want to take their business to the place of the highest position in the market, then they need adequate skills and training before starting their journey.

Take Responsibility

Leaders should take responsibilities of the jobs in which they are an expert so they can meet the perfection and satisfaction of customers without any hassle. A business grows to the extent to which the leader has ability to grow it. However, it does not mean at all that the leaders must be overloaded with work just in the beginning of the business. They should increase the limit of daily production gradually, which they can handle with ease.

Set Goals

Goals of business in the future must be clear in the mind of leaders. This way, they will be able to address the issue if any arises during the job, so their routine is not disturbed. Leaders should prepare immediate and future plans. Business goals must be established by focusing current performance so the expectations can be fulfilled perfectly.

Backup Team

Leaders should pick their role that they can handle for long time. They should start from learning the basic steps to the top level. They should solely create the jobs that their team members can follow. Leaders should not remove their role in the production of work or else, they will not be able to ensure collaboration and interaction with their team members. Leaders must provide backup to their members if needed so the issues can be resolved in timely manners. Leaders should follow the steps of successful business owners especially for meeting the best standards.

Get, Set, Go

As a leader and business owner, you need to know when it is time to hire more people so that you can focus on the required jobs that you absolutely must do. As your business grows, you will need to let go of more things so that the company runs efficiently.

Always Be Learning

No matter what else happens, you need to invest in your growth as a leader and business owner if you want your business and your team members to be successful. There are many awesome books and programs out there that will help you grow.
Being a business owner and leader is a worthwhile journey that you will look back with pride if you do it properly.

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Enhance Viral Marketing Campaigns with SNP

SNP stands for Social Networking Potential. This term refers to the potential an individual has to disseminate information. For high accuracy, SNP can be a value established by algorithms focusing in the main upon the size of a person’s social network and their influence over this network. In viral marketing, this value or an approximation of it is used to determine the most valuable individuals to target a viral advertising campaign.

This information can also be used in market research. It is more useful to test a small group of people with a high and relevant SNP than a large amount of people with a low and only vaguely related SNP.

When testing the appeal of a site or the effectiveness of a planned advertising campaign, SNP awareness allows you to do less work for more results. Staying true to this targeting moulds the campaign to be highly efficient and essential for successful viral marketing.

In order to have maximum effect from a viral advertising campaign, many relevant people with high SNPs should be talking about your company and your campaign.

If our hypothetical design company decided to make a run of T-shirts to advertise their company, they would want to give these shirts to people who would be seen wearing them and not just people who would use them at home.

Even better than this would be to hand the shirts out at an event relevant to the service the company offers. Events spanning a few days such as music festivals or conventions mean that people are going to be grateful for a clean item of clothing and will probably wear the item at the event or as they travel home. By making sure the event is connected to the sales the company offers, the SNP of the individuals involved is combined with the SNP of the event.

This awareness of SNP is incredibly important on the internet. Imagine the internet in offline terms. Just as you might hand a flyer to one person rather than another offline when you are online, it still matters who you direct your promotion at and it matters that they pass that message on.

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Modern Strategies of Marketing & Advertising

Small business owners now have the capability to experiment with marketing and advertising effectively.These tactics will boost sales and give businesses new reason to stay operational for a while. If an owner wants to make use of his sales, he can distribute information about the products. It will be an opportunity for owners to reflect on what their business offers. Advertising is underway to promote both small and large scale businesses in communities. It draws in consumers who want to make their products well known and their wares available for purchase.

New Arrivals to Advertising

Online sales have given a new perspective to how advertising should take place. Ads can be placed on sites for viewers to click through if it appeals to their sensibilities. Owners can place a request through prominent online advertising firms. A company website will explain some of the benefits associated with the marketing approach. The cost of putting up these relevant ads has to be measured against potential income sources on behalf of those working as needed.

Business owners often have more to worry about than just advertising. Having the expertise of online SEO teams will free up owners for other projects. They may contract with a reputable team that can explain some of the benefits they should expect. The end result will be a sales network that drives revenue through online resources as needed.

Producing Original Marketing Concepts

Capturing the attention of consumers has always presented a challenge for businesses. They have to compete and domineer against prospective rivals and other agencies in particular niche market.
Consumers only have so much money to spend on products and services. A snazzy marketing campaign has always given certain companies an inside track on final sales totals.

  • Utilize popular, freely accessible .gif files
  • Include game aspects in clickable ads
  • Track running traffic through sites
  • Limit word usage to draw in consumers

There will be the added challenge of understanding concepts in modern marketing. Consumers are changing along with trends that are occurring in the advertising industry. Societal and popular trends will heavily influence the choices that people make with their purchases. Advertising has to take hold to bring people to a new state of awareness.

Evaluate Success Achieved with a New Campaign

Sales figures are a prominent means by which people understand campaign snow. Success needs to be measured quantitatively if owners want to turn a profit. Small business loans and private lending options will simply extend the choices that consumers make for themselves. Each new campaign is evaluated in terms of the success that people achieve on site.

Graphing sales figures and retail options are well worth the choices that people may make. These give owners an opportunity to evaluate the results of their next campaign. Online marketing is just one facet but it is one that has emerged in the modern era. Modern tactics driving sales may just give owners an option when they follow a new campaign.

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