Enhance Viral Marketing Campaigns with SNP

SNP stands for Social Networking Potential. This term refers to the potential an individual has to disseminate information. For high accuracy, SNP can be a value established by algorithms focusing in the main upon the size of a person’s social network and their influence over this network. In viral marketing, this value or an approximation of it is used to determine the most valuable individuals to target a viral advertising campaign.

This information can also be used in market research. It is more useful to test a small group of people with a high and relevant SNP than a large amount of people with a low and only vaguely related SNP.

When testing the appeal of a site or the effectiveness of a planned advertising campaign, SNP awareness allows you to do less work for more results. Staying true to this targeting moulds the campaign to be highly efficient and essential for successful viral marketing.

In order to have maximum effect from a viral advertising campaign, many relevant people with high SNPs should be talking about your company and your campaign.

If our hypothetical design company decided to make a run of T-shirts to advertise their company, they would want to give these shirts to people who would be seen wearing them and not just people who would use them at home.

Even better than this would be to hand the shirts out at an event relevant to the service the company offers. Events spanning a few days such as music festivals or conventions mean that people are going to be grateful for a clean item of clothing and will probably wear the item at the event or as they travel home. By making sure the event is connected to the sales the company offers, the SNP of the individuals involved is combined with the SNP of the event.

This awareness of SNP is incredibly important on the internet. Imagine the internet in offline terms. Just as you might hand a flyer to one person rather than another offline when you are online, it still matters who you direct your promotion at and it matters that they pass that message on.

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