5 Ways to Avoid Paying Too Much on a Business Loan

Coy about costs. Brushing over the fine print. Pressuring you into something bigger or more expensive than what you need. If you’re an entrepreneur, chances are you’ve had at least one uncomfortable encounter with a lender who just didn’t seem to have your best interests at heart.

Earlier in my career, my partners and I built up a network of successful fitness businesses. The business grew quickly, and we started shopping for a loan to help us expand our profitable model to new markets. It was during this time that I got my first glimpse into the opaque underbelly of the traditional lending industry. We were shocked at how many lenders literally could not produce an amortization and repayment schedule. And when we asked them to share their fee structure and APRs? Crickets.

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5 Ways to Avoid Paying Too Much on a Business Loan


Able Lending Receives $100 Million To Fund Small Business Loans


Amidst a slackening in investor interest in alternative online loans, Austin-based Able Lending announces Tuesday that it has received $100 million to fund its online small business loans from Community Investment Management, the first impact investment firm focused on marketplace lending.

“We’re very excited that within this difficult market, Able is bucking the trend,” says chief executive officer Will Davis. “We were able to do that because of the strength of our model, the strength of our portfolio, and the strength of the backer concept. Securing $100 million at this point, at this stage of the company but also given where the market is right now, is a huge story in and of itself.”

The two-year-old company uses a singular loan structure in a competitive space that has seen the growth of early leaders like OnDeck, CAN Capital and Kabbage plus a proliferation of startups over the last few years. Able has borrowers get “backers” or other friends, family or customers to fund part of the loan. The company says that, in addition to offering longer repayment periods, this enables it to charge lower APRs than its competitors because Able has found that having someone the borrower knows contribute to the loan increases their willingness to repay.

Full article here – http://www.forbes.com/sites/laurashin/2016/09/27/able-lending-receives-100-million-to-fund-small-business-loans-despite-wider-industry-slowdown/#2595d4062403


Expect the Bank of Japan to Remain all in

Back in January, the Bank of Japan (BOJ) adopted a policy of negative interest on excess reserves. As with similar moves by its European counterparts, the new rate regime was designed to jumpstart growth and push inflation higher, by encouraging bank lending, business and consumer borrowing, and by weakening the currency.

from http://newsroom.ameriprise.com/commentary/expect-bank-japan-to-remain-all-in.htm

Ameriprise Financial helps bring 11 million meals to families in need

MINNEAPOLIS, MN –  September 12, 2016 – In support of the 42 million Americans who struggle with hunger, Ameriprise Financial, Inc. is once again doubling the impact of donations to Feeding America® now through Thanksgiving.* Every dollar donated through the Ameriprise Financial Challenge (up to $500,000) will provide 22 meals to families in need, twice the amount of a standard donation. Participation is easy – simply visit: supportfeedingamerica.org/Ameriprise to give online.

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