Kabbage Nabs $500M for Small Business Loans


Kabbage, a billion-dollar startup that combines machine learning algorithms, data from public profiles on the internet and other factors to rate and then loan people money for their small businesses, is today announcing another big step up in its ambitions. The company has secured over $500 million in fixed-rate, asset-backed notes, money that it will use to expand the amount, payback terms and size of loans it makes to SMBs over the next three years. To date, Kabbage has loaned over $2.7 billion to SMBs since being founded in 2009.

Kabbage said the securitization was oversubscribed. In fact, last night, when I interviewed Kevin Phillips, head of corporate development and one of the people who built Kabbage’s original platform when it was founded in Atlanta, Georgia, he told me that by the time the securitization closes (around March 20), it’s likely to be a little higher than $500 million, maybe more like $525 million, due to interest from institutional investors and others.

Source – https://techcrunch.com/2017/03/08/kabbage-nabs-500m-for-small-business-loans


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